Minggu, 28 Februari 2010

Dolphins: Lyrics

                   Song & lyrics: Ratih Soe   Ratih Soe ©2010
Arrangement:  DTS Voices   ©2013
Dolphins are sea mammals

They’re different from a fish

They use lungs to breathe and

they don’t lay eggs like fish do

Indonesia's lucky to have them in its seas

Java and Andaman seas, Bali strait et cetera


They swim in groups, how lovely!

Together they explore

They love to play and have some fun just like you and me

Dolphins are kind and gentle

And friendly as can be

When they see people drowning,

they’ll surely come and help

Dolphins are ingenious, creative, smart and fast

Cheerful, clever, playful

That’s the way they are

With the sonar system, they stay safe and in touch 

Although they are mope-eyed, dolphins don’t get lost

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